…we must learn to see with the eyes of God—that is, to see with the eyes of the heart and not just the eyes of the head. The eyes of the heart are not concerned with the appearances but with the essences, and as we cultivate these eyes we are able to learn from our suffering and to see the world with more loving, forgiving, humble, generous eyes.

Desmond Tutu, Archbishop emeritus
Nobel Prize Laureate

In World Forgiveness Initiative, there are three life practices that make Forgiveness both simple and natural.  They are Gratitude, Reverence, and Oneness.


​​These three practices are very powerful, as well as being enjoyable and inspiring.  They add a wonderful, new dimension to your life when you choose to include them in your daily routine.

​You can choose the order in which you study or practice Gratitude, Reverence and Oneness.  Each naturally flows into and supports the others as though in a circle.


​In addition, each one leads naturally to Forgiveness. When Gratitude, Reverence and Oneness are practiced and developed together as part of your daily life, Forgiveness is virtually automatic and soon becomes your habit.

​As that happens, you begin telling fewer of your angry or “poor me” victim stories. So then what do you do? You tell new stories—stories of Love, Joy, Gratitude, Reverence, Forgiveness! People love to hear such stories and you are going to be amazed at how much more fun and fulfilling they are to tell.


​You are now healing yourself and healing the world as well. What a great life!


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