Even in our darkest hours, we can cultivate an attitude of gratitude....When we are genuinely appreciative for all that Life has to offer, we see the light in ourselves and everyone else.

We see everyone and everything as a potential blessing.

Daniel T. Peralta

Gratitude: A Way of Life

The daily practice of gratitude is a natural, and powerful path to forgiveness.

Practicing Gratitude is so simple that we may fail to recognize its extraordinary power. Neuroscience is showing that habitual thoughts actually reshape the brains. When you focus daily on what you are grateful for, your mind turns away from negative, blaming, angry paths and toward seeing ever more to be grateful for.Gratitude turns any day into a great day. Writing a Gratitude list always lifts your spirits and turns your attention to the positive things in your life.​Try it now.

Buy a gratitude journal, download it, and start using it every day, preferably several times a day. It will change your life!

Watch The Original Gratitude Dance video and do the dance. 

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