Jo Ann Rotermund, author, speaker, and forgiveness coach, spent her life being a victim until 2001, when her study of forgiveness helped heal her past and bring personal power, freedom, and joy into everything she does. Now retired from a 30 year career in social research, Jo Ann, who is absolutely passionate about forgiveness, has committed the rest of her life to inspiring others to make forgiveness a natural way of living, healing themselves and their world in the process. Her book, THE FORGIVENESS HABIT: an Action Plan for Healing Ourselves and Our Planet, with a foreword by Desmond Tutu, provides all you need to know to start making forgiveness a natural part of your life.

What I Speak About


In general I speak about the inspiring and enjoyable practices I have developed that make life work really well. I tell my story and other stories. I get people laughing and agreeing with me, then listening to me and really hearing me before I ever bring up anything about forgiveness.  Each audience is unique. I always learn all I can about my audience ahead of time and do my best to speak specifically to them.


One of my favorite topics to talk about is How to Have a Great Day Every Day—Really! I also encourage people to give up all their victim stories and teach them the freedom, power, and joy of telling “new” stories—stories of joy, love, happiness, miracles, all kinds of good things. I talk about how to get along with anyone, neighbors, co-workers, family members, friends and friends of friends, anyone. I also speak about using the practices and forgiveness as a habit to be healthy, happy, and productive every day. I always finish any talk by speaking about The Forgiveness Habit because I know absolutely that it is the greatest gift you can give yourself.


I welcome the opportunity to help make your employees, your co-workers, or your group the happiest, most committed, and most productive people you know. I am available to travel. Please contact me at



Jo Ann Rotermund knocks my socks off! Jo Ann is a dynamic, engaging entrepreneur with an incredible personal story, a clear and compelling message, and an unmistakable commitment to transforming her audiences. I have seen her speak several times about her book, The Forgiveness Habit, and the practices she has developed to make forgiveness a playful, powerful, and simple way of living every day. Jo Ann has changed my life and I’m inspired every time I hear her!


- Kathryn Drinkard